From the start.....

Initially, I wanted to make an organic, clean formula for people who had sensitivities. There are a lot of chemicals in commercial brands of skin care. People have all kinds of symptoms from those brands including rashes, headaches, and swelling of their face and eyes. My goal was to develop a line of skin care that was completely natural with no chemicals. 

As I started in the formulation, and further researched parabens, I became even more aware of their negative effects and wanted to ensure our line was safe for all. (Read previous blogs for information on parabens.)

I actually had a client who suffered with chronic headaches. She had been to several people for evaluations to no avail. After conducting an allergy test, it was determined that she was allergic to the chemicals in her makeup. This furthered my resolve to develop PhytoBella with the cleanest, most organic and natural ingredients possible. 

Gail Eiceman
Founder and Developer of PhytoBella